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"Road" in the Bible: Matthew 7:13-14
Jesus talks of two roads we can walk in our lives: the narrow road and the wide road. The narrow road leads to life and only a few ever find it. The wide road is the road of destruction and many find it.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Never Meant To Drive - #5590
How can someone who's been around Jesus - who knows a lot about Jesus - still miss Jesus? And ultimately miss the heaven that only those who know Jesus will ever see. The people who ended up with Jesus came to the point where they saw that God's way was right - that God should be driving their life.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Navigator and the Map - #5592
As you look at what's ahead, you wish you had a detailed map. You don't. And even if you do, it is subject to all kinds of variables beyond your control. There's nothing in these verses about trusting in the plan, in the map. You don't have a map, but you do have a navigator. And He has the map. Just like me and my wife on a trip in new territory. I don't have to see the map. I just need to trust the navigator - to pay attention to the Navigator.