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A Stick of Dynamite
when you give someone the Good News about Jesus, you're planting that stick of holy dynamite in their hearts. It's dynamite strong enough to demolish the walls, the defenses they have built around their lost heart. And God knows exactly what time is the right time to push "detonate."

Why the Coach Schedules Triple Sessions
Stay in the ring. You're building experience and that's what gives hope in suffering. There's no way to develop this kind of strength, this kind of toughness, this kind of durability without suffering first. If the coach has scheduled a triple session for you right now, don't despair. Don't give up. Don't quit. Don't leave practice. Let suffering develop patience, let patience develop experience, let experience develop hope.

The Man With "What's Next?" - #6516
What you decide to do with Jesus even this very day could be eternally decisive. I urge you, if you're not sure you've begun your personal relationship with Jesus Christ, make this the day you get that done and to say, "Jesus, I'm Yours."

Pardoning Turkeys
Many to whom God has granted this "act of grace" called a pardon - based on the death of His Son for them - refuse to accept it. They either ignore it, postpone it, or choose to keep running their own life or depend on their religion and their goodness.

Hold Your Fire - #6474
In Romans 12 the Apostle Paul says, "Do not repay anyone evil for evil; do not take revenge, but leave room for God's wrath." Let God even the score; He's much better at it than you are. Jesus turned to His Father for justice. An eye for an eye is not the way of Jesus. Even from His cross He says of those who have nailed Him to that cross, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." That's the example for us.

Nothing To Hide - #6458
Don't be fooled by the myth of getting away with it. You never do. Live as if someone is recording everything, because Someone is. And enjoy the glorious freedom of living by those three liberating words: nothing to hide.

Twister Love - #6456
Write that letter. Make that call. Go see that person. Give that gift. Say that thank you. Grab that time together. Show them you love them now.

The Oven, The Wheel, and the Masterpiece - #6436
Unlike the clay, though, you choose whether the potter's beautiful intentions are realized; whether you'll let it make you like Jesus or not. If you forget the goal, you can become desperate, and bitter, and hard, and self-absorbed. Or you can let Christ use it for the ultimate goal. You may not enjoy the process, but at least you can understand it's going to a great result. If you're going to get the pain, get the point.

The Illusion of Winning - #6434
Am I, as one follower of Christ, sitting back and enjoying all of Zion's goodies and feeling like I'm doing something? Or am I daily entering into the battle for the lives of the people around me? Listen, we will celebrate when we get to heaven. That will be enough time. Right now it's time to reach the lost through every possible means while there's still time.

A Guard Could Save You a Lot of Grief - #6427
Don't let your mouth run on like it has been. Ask your Lord to guard your mouth. After all, important places have a guard, and nothing you have has more affect than your mouth. So, keep your lip guard handy.