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"Run" in the Bible: Hebrews 12:1
In several places in the New Testament, the Christian walk is described as a race to be run. Running in a race requires perseverance, training, and commitment--the parallels to the Christian life are clear: we should rid ourselves of all hindrances and weights holding us back.


Fought the good fight in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Paul writes that he has kept the faith and fought the good fight. He's finally finished the race set before him.


Prize - a Christian perspective
The Christian life is compared to a race. Just as, in a physical race, we would push ourselves to the limit for the prize, shouldn't we demonstrate the same level of commitment in pursuing Jesus Christ?


"Run the race" in the Bible: 1 Corinthians 9:24
The Christian life is compared to a race--we're all running together towards a goal. In this case, we aren't trying to "beat" our fellow runners, but why wouldn't we focus all of our energy on reaching our goal as quickly and efficiently as we can?