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Nothing But the Best - #6077
There are many ways to rob our King. By giving Him your leftover time; by making Him Lord of the things that don't matter that much to you and holding onto the things that you really care about - that relationship, that child, that dream, that favorite thing - that sin. You can rob God by taking on a work for Him and just doing it halfheartedly, by being lazy or irresponsible in getting it done.


Burnt offerings - a Christian perspective
Jesus says that loving God with all your heart, understanding, strength, and loving your neighbor as yourself is far more important than any burnt offerings or sacrifices.


Contrite - a Christian perspective
God doesn't want flashy sacrifices or fancy public acts of piety. What he truly values is a contrite, repentant heart that earnestly seeks to serve Him.


Reasonable service - a Christian perspective
What is the reasonable service that God expects of His children? To give their lives over into His service and to honor Him with their actions.


Shedding of blood - a Christian perspective
The author of Hebrews states that without the shedding of blood there can be no forgiveness. Before Christ shed his blood on the cross, the Israelites needed to find forgiveness through animal sacrifice, but the willful death of Christ on the cross changed things forever.


Bible Concordance :: Sacrifice
An offering or gift given to God to remove the guilt of sin. Throughout the Old Testament, God's people brought sacrifices to God.