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Listen for God’s Voice
I love to read good Christian books. I enjoy attending events where I have the opportunity to hear speakers talk about their experiences with God or teach on a particular passage. But it’s not enough to know what someone else is learning from God, as encouraging as such times may be. I need to be […]


"Seek my face" in the Bible: 2 Chronicles 7:14
Seeking the face of God means to actively look for God in all aspects of life. We are to humble ourselves, to pray and to turn away from our wicked ways in our pursuit of God's face. Through this we will be forgiven.


Seek My Face, Richard Owen Roberts
Richard Owen Roberts speaks of the lofty and majestic God that we are to seek with all our hearts. He paints a tremendous picture of man and how seeking after God is an humbling task. This is an all important subject and worthy of a listen.