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Seek and save - a Christian perspective
When Jesus came to this earth he had a mission: to seek and save those that which was lost.


Seeking in the Bible: Matthew 6:33
"Seek first the kingdom...." This famous statement of Jesus tells us where our ultimate priority should lie: in service to God. Instead of worrying about all of the myriad problems that face us from day to day, we ought to simply commit to God--and He promises to provide for us.


Seek and find - a Christian perspective
God wants us to search for Him; and He wants us to find Him. Fortunately for us, it's a quick search for anyone who truly seeks God; God is never far away.


"Knock" in the BIble: Matthew 7:7
It is not difficult to find spiritual truth and peace. All we need to do is look for it and ask for it, and God promises to provide it. Anyone who suggests that finding peace is more complicated than simply turning to God and asking for it is mistaken.