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Life Action Ministries
The largest revival ministry in North America, devoted to seeing God glorified through a revival among His people.

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Our Faithful Friend: John Sloan
Our Faithful Friend Embracing God’s Intimacy

A Handbook for Discovering God's Will : Gordon S. Jackson
Discover God's will in decision making.

Seeking Him--Grace: God's Provision for Every Need
What difference does the grace of God make in our lives and how can we get more of this extravagant provision?

Honesty: Silence Is Not Always Golden
Few things are as destructive as hiding sin from others. The Bible records many hardships that resulted from people who tried to cover up their sins. Since it is within our nature to put on a good front, being honest can be difficult. Nancy gives a good reminder of the importance of honesty.

Seeking Him--Revival: Who Needs It?
If you lost your purse in a busy mall, you would search everywhere for it. Your relationship with God is far more valuable than your purse. Are you seeking Him with intensity? Discover the joys and benefits of seeking God out of desperation, in the series Seeking Him—Revival: Who Needs It?

Seeking Him--Humility: Coming to God on His Terms
Pride is the "anti-God state of mind," according to C.S. Lewis. Learn to avoid the danger of pride while embracing the joy of humility in the series Seeking Him—Humility: Coming to God on His Terms.

Seeking Him--Honesty: Silence is Not Always Golden
If you are carrying secrets, you have stress. Find out how honesty will make you feel surprisingly free, as Nancy teaches the series, "Seeking Him—Honesty: Silence is Not Always Golden."

Seeking Him--Repentance: The Big Turn-Around
People often use the word "repentance" to describe the process of conversion to Christ. While it is an essential part of becoming a child of God, repentance does not end at the moment of salvation. Find out why it becomes a regular process for someone who has been revived.

Seeking Him--Holiness: A Heart Like His
As children of God, we are to reflect His character. Yet how good of a job are we doing? Compare your heart with His and seek after holiness.

Seeking Him--Obedience: The Acid Test of Love
When God asks us to do something, do we consider doing it, or do we actually do it? The more we love Him, the easier it is to do what He asks. Though obedience can be a struggle, it is always worthwhile.