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Walk in the Spirit - Welcome to Discipleshiptools.org
Fruit of the Spirit, Part X To walk in the Spirit, we are called to not gratify the desires or as Paul puts it elsewhere, rid yourselves… put off…put on.


The Works of the Flesh! - Welcome to Discipleshiptools.org
Fruit of the Spirit, Part IX Here is a list of the vices of sin that abuse others and us and should not have a hold on us. They cause us to hurt and in turn, hurt others.


The Desires of the Flesh and What They Do! - Welcome to Discipleshiptools.org
Fruit of the Spirit, Part VIII Just before the great passage in Galatians that expounds the Fruit of the Spirit comes a warning and a list of the opposites of the good Fruit, the destroyers of churches, relationships, and self!


Temperance in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Proverbs warns against giving in to gluttony. We should always practice temperance and self-control, especially when we're given opportunities to indulge.


Fruit of the Spirit - a Christian perspective
There is no law against the fruit of the Spirit, meaning that there's nothing preventing us from developing these things. The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.


Self-control in the Bible: Proverbs 25:28
A man without self-control is compared to a city with broken-down walls. Without self-control, we are vulnerable to any spiritual attack or temptation that comes our way; we simply have no defenses at all to keep them away.


Self-control - a Christian perspective
Christ did not die for our sins so that we could fritter away our time on idle pursuits; God values a believer who exercises self-control in his actions and desires.


Integrity in the Bible: Titus 2:6-8
What does it mean to live with integrity? According to this passage, it means living your life in such a way that nobody can find fault with what you do or say; everything you do and say is honest, sincere, and excellent. Christians can expect to be criticized for their faith, but their behavior should not provide any additional excuses for critique.


Fruit of the Spirit is Self-Control - Welcome to Discipleshiptools.org
Self-Control is allowing God to be in control of your will and heart and seeking the Spirit to enable us.


Fruit of the Spirit is Gentleness - Welcome to Discipleshiptools.org
Gentleness is the character that will show calmness, personal care, tenderness and the Love of Christ in meeting the needs of others.