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Calling Off the Pity Party - #6786
Jesus told us that we would find our life - not by looking for it, not by hanging onto it - by giving it away, He said. Not because you feel like it, but because Jesus lived like that, and because you know that's where to find light at the end of your own personal tunnel. Remember, even when you get home tonight, ask yourself the question, "So, who needs me here right now?"


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Eeyore Complex - #5099
This joy of the Lord has nothing to do with your environment. It does have to do with your in-vironment. See, this joy gives the ability to look for God in any situation and to ask the question, "Now, how could God use this?" I may not particularly like what's going on right now, but God has okayed it. It had to get through my Father's hands before it could get to me, so God must be able to work through this. Where is He at work here?