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Heel - a Christian perspective
When God cursed Adam and Eve after the Fall, he also cursed the serpent (Satan) who had tempted them into evil. He promised that while the serpent would wound the Messiah, the serpent would ultimately be destroyed.

Adam and Eve - a Christian perspective
The account of Adam and Eve's fall into sin and exile from the Garden of Eden. They were tempted by the serpent, and gave into that temptation.

Snake in the Bible: Matthew 10:16
The world is hostile to the message of Christ, so in this command to preach the Gospel, Christians are called to engage the world both intelligently ("as shrewd as snakes") and righteously ("as innocent as doves").

Crush in the Bible - a Christian perspective
God curses the serpent for his role in man's fall. He says that the serpents head will be crushed and he will bite at man's heel.

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The Start of Man's Sadness
Eve is tempted by Satan through the serpent. She takes fruit from the forbidden tree. She gives some to Adam, who eats it. This first sin brings death. Adam and Eve are sent out of the Garden of Eden, and an angel with a flaming sword guards it. Their first son, Cain, kills their second son, Able.