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True Woman Blog: Ministering When It's Inconvenient
If we look closely at Jesus' life, we find an interesting pattern. We know that Jesus spent His time on earth serving others. But have you ever considered how often He ministered when it was inconvenient?

Whatever the Cost
Will you say, "Yes, Lord. I am Your servant. Take me, use me, spend me. Fulfill all Your holy, eternal purposes in and through my life, whatever the cost"?

Belonging to God
Delight in the greatest calling possible—serving the Master you've grown to know, love, and trust.

The Highest Title On Earth - #2685
When we sacrifice our own comfort, our own needs, our own pride for others, we are remembering who we are. It's easy to forget that - when your life is so full and you become self-focused just to get it all done - or to get your needs met.

Serving Like the Savior
In today’s economy, you hear about the benefits of providing good service all the time. In this series, Nancy points out that true servanthood is much more than just a passing business fad . . . it’s about God’s glory! Christian Li...

Developing a Servant's Heart
“Service” has become a business buzzword. But for all the talk about service in our economy, we see very few true servants. Learn how to serve in a way that goes beyond economic jargon. Learn to glorify God by becoming an authentic servant. Christian Li...