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Hallelujah Chorus flashmob at department story lifts people to new level.
What happened when a flashmob – actually the Opera Company of Philadelphia – burst into song at Macy’s department store?


True Woman Blog: Christmas shopping? Skip the squid soap.
Regardless of when you decide to shop for Christmas, don't go out unless you're armed with at least three things.


True Woman Blog: Joy to the World!
While the progressive instrumental version of "Joy to the World" blasted overhead, I observed grumbling store clerks, worn out children screaming with gusto, couples arguing, and pushy shoppers shoving. No, it was not Black Friday; this was just a typical shopping day during the holiday season. "Joy to the World" was lost in the Christmas crush. Out of desperation to bring Christ into the picture, a few years ago I started my own shopping tradition.


A Christian perspective on Black Friday, holiday sales, and a commercial Christmas
Brace yourselves for Black Friday! In a sign that the holiday season is finally and officially upon us, Wal-Mart, Target, and other major retailers have just released ads for their Black Friday sales—roadmaps for the annual shopping frenzy following Thanksgiving. What's a Christian to do?


Winning at Home Resources
Winning at Home resources page. This includes links to buy reccommended books, DVDs, Audio, and VHS.