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How Singles-friendly Is Your Church?
Is your church putting out the welcome mat to single adults? Or is it unconsciously sending the message, "Couples Only"? Take the following quiz and find out.


Demystifying The Gift Of Singleness
"The gift of singleness" is a very misunderstood phrase. Some think it means that you'll never want to marry or have any sexual temptation. Others think the gift of singleness dooms you to a permanently lonely life. What's the real story?


Singleness: A Biblical Perspective
How Scripture challenges our cultural assumptions about singleness.


Singleness: Surrendering My Timetable
What young girl hasn't dreamed of finding Mr. Right? But what if Mr. Right never seems to come along?


Surrendering Unfulfilled Longings
When we think back on some of the funny goals we had as kids, it's pretty easy to realize that we shouldn't always get what we want. But sometimes when our goals aren't met, it can really hurt.


Singleness: Surrendering My Feelings
When you're alone, you can do some things that you otherwise couldn't. More importantly, God can sometimes teach us important things when we're alone.


Amy Baker on singleness and standards
Amy Baker and her fiance decided to set high standards during their courtship. They didn't hold hands or kiss and it had an unintended benefit.


Singleness: Challenge or Blessing? An Interview with Amy Baker
Is singleness a gift to be appreciated, or a challenge to be overcome? Dr. Amy Baker talks about living a Godly life... no matter what life situation you find yourself in.


Seeking Him Radio: Singleness Is a Gift
If you're single, are you somehow an "incomplete" person? Nancy Leigh DeMoss talks about the gift of singleness.