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Jesus Weeps Over Our Sorrows
Jesus wept. — John 11:35 We now come to the shortest verse in all the Bible. Without question, it is the easiest to memorize. It contains only two words, three syllables. However, these two words offer incredible insight into the heart of our Lord. In the small village of Bethany, we find Jesus weeping at […]

Acknowledging Or Attacking the Mess - #6776
Will you sin again? Well, probably. Will there be a mess in the garage again? There may be. But pick it up while it's small. Get up quickly. You attack the mess when it's small, and you start a new day clean. You start a new year clean. You don't need to acknowledge that mess again; you need to attack it.

Weeping - a Christian perspective
Sorrow is an inevitable part of human life, and something with which we all must deal at some point. But this verse reminds us that pain doesn't last forever, just as night is followed by the dawn.

No more - a Christian perspective
The great promise of Jesus is that through his redeeming work, we can look forward to a day when we will live with God, in a kingdom where there is no more pain, sorrow, or suffering.

Sorrow in the Bible: 2 Corinthians 7:10
Is sorrow ever "good"? When it is genuine sorrow over sin, and when it leads to repentance, it's a godly trait. But worldly sorrow--bound up in material possessions and unspiritual things--is unhealthy and leads nowhere.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Holding Onto the Cross - #5591
I had to move a very heavy couch not long ago. It was too heavy to carry alone - like what you're going through right now. But the cross of Jesus is your assurance that Jesus is there to grab the other end of this unbearable burden and help you carry what you cannot carry alone. In fact, He will carry you when you can't walk any further.

The Word brought nigh to the sorrowful - A.Bonar
Our errand being one of grace, the Lord will hear us when we ask his presence in it. Now, his Spirit is not "the spirit of fear :" it is the "spirit of love, and of power, and of a sound mind" (2 Tim. 1:7).