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New additions to the Soulation audio library
There are two new audio sermons online at the Soulation audio library: God Is Your Hero by...

Women, Vulnerability and Sex
Jonalyn Grace Fincher, the author of Ruby Slippers, reacts to the recently released statistic...

Some Advice to Both Sides of the Women in Ministry Debate
Jonalyn Grace Fincher's blog is consistently deep. She's not one to write light and fluffy pieces...

China's lip-synching actress and the myth of beauty
If you watched the Olympic opening ceremonies, you witnessed a small but upsetting detail that...

New look for Soulation
Soulation has a new website! We've noted Soulation's apologetics ministry several times before,...

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Turning Evil into Song (mp3)
A talk by Dale Fincher on Luke 18:31-19:10. Addressing evil, suffering, difficulties in our lives. Using Tchaikovsky's Fifth Symphony, Dale draws the listening into hope on how Jesus transforms evil into song.

loving_god_with_all_of_you_1.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Part one of the series on Loving God with All of You by Soulation Ministries.

Soulation | Shoppe
Soulation's shop. This is a place where you can order any of the books off of the Soulation recommended reading list.

soulation | invite us
More information on how to invite either Jonalyn Grace Fincher and/or Dale Fincher to speak at your event or church. Has a contact form you can fill out for more information.

Soulation | Travel Plans
Jonalyn Grace Fincher and Dale Fincher's travel plans. Updated regularly.

Soulation | Library
Soulation's library of sermons and answers to questions both in pdf and audio formats.