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Lausanne World Pulse - A Focus on Southeast Asia: 663 Least-Reached People Groups Remain
A historical overview of the least-reached people groups of Southeast Asia—and how to reach them through prayer and action.


Lausanne World Pulse - An Overview of Southeast Asia
Stretching from Indochina to the Malay Archipelago, Southeastern Asia is full of rich resources such as oil, gas, timber, minerals and metals. The region, however, sits on the intersection of large geologic plates, where earthquakes and volcanoes are not uncommon.


Lausanne World Pulse -A Focus on South Pacific and Southeast Asia 661 Least-reached groups
Many peoples in Southeast Asia were once Hindus or Buddhists; however, Islam is the predominant religion today.


Lausanne World Pulse - The Unreached Clusters of Southeast Asia
Southeast Asia is made up of ninety-two people group clusters, totaling roughly 567 million people.


World Map || Southeast Asia
A clickable map of Southeast Asia that shows Jesus Film translation, Bible translation, and evangelism statistics.