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The Great Cheerleader Shortage - #6412
The church is experiencing right now a major cheerleader shortage. And you could be a part of the Aaron and Hur brigade that's part of the answer. Maybe not a player, but you could encourage a leader; you could stir up support for a leader; you could offer praise to someone who has a bucket full of criticism already. Don't wait till the funeral to give it to him.


Revive Our Hearts: Lessons from the Life of Joshua (Part 11): Waging and Winning Spiritual Battles
Nancy takes a closer look at what we can learn from Joshua about how to wage and win spiritual battles. She gives insight on how to respond to threats to our faith and stresses the absolute importance of seeking the Lord’s counsel through His Word. Through the story of Joshua, you’ll discover that with the Lord you can face, and defeat, any enemy, no matter how fierce they may be.

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Revive Our Hearts: Lessons from the Life of Joshua (Part 10): Rising from Defeat
Ever had a great spiritual victory only to find yourself falling flat on your face within hours or days? Nancy uses an example from the Book of Joshua to not only warn us from becoming overconfident, but also to show us how to deal with defeat. When we deal with our sin and let God purge everything from our lives that is not holy, He can turn our valley of defeat into a door of hope.

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Weapons - a Christian perspective
Christians are constantly engaged in warfare, but not of the physical variety. We battle against evil with spiritual weapons, not the physical weapons that the world uses in its wars.