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Sports Spectrum
Highlighting Christian athletes of all sports and levels, and encouraging people in their faith through the exciting world of sports!

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A Quick Olympic Update
If you haven't heard yet, one of our community members, Sports Spectrum, is blogging...

Athletes: get your daily spiritual training at Sports Spectrum
Looking for a way to start out each day on the right foot? Sports Spectrum has a devotional that...

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Order Sports Spectrum and other items
Order Sports Spectrum for yourself or for someone else (maybe as a gift subscription?) who enjoys hearing about the good in sports rather than all the negative events that make headlines. Sports Spectrum chronicles the feats of Christians and details their daily walk and testimonies in every page.

Sports Spectrum - now readable online via our digi-mag format
Sports Spectrum, in its larger quarterly format as of Fall of 2008, now also offers Subscribers a way to read the entire magazine in an online format.

Power To Win from Sports Spectrum
Have a Power to Win! Outreach party - an exciting tradition of sharing and enjoying the gospel with both believers and seekers, all within the fun and fellowship surrounding the Pro Football Championship.

Sports Spectrum | The Daily, by Brett Honeycutt's Daily page is just that -- a complete look at the previous day's sporting events outcomes, posted daily. Check it out! Sports Spectrum is a magazine dedicated to sharing stories about Christian athletes... it's Where Sports and Faith Collide.

Sports Spectrum -November 27
The homepage for Sports Spectrum Radio. Listen online or find a station near you that broadcasts Sports Spectrum.