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Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Positive Pain - #3815
Now if the relatively short-lived pain of an inoculation keeps our little guy from major illness later on, he'll be really grateful that his parents loved him enough to let him have that little pain someday. Of course, it isn't just babies who experience pain without an explanation. Sometimes it's us big people, too. In fact, you may be going through a hurtful time right now - and, just like my grandson, if your Heavenly Father tried to explain it to you, there's no way you could understand the good He's trying to accomplish.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Ill from Overeating - #3967
If that's what foundering is, then God has plenty of His people who are foundering. They're ill from overeating - spiritually. You can tell because they're spiritually lethargic - going to all the meetings, filling up on all the teachings and fellowship, believing all the beliefs - but not doing much with what they've been learning all these years. They're, in effect, overfed and under exercised - and as they lie down in the pasture, they're not really enjoying their faith much. To be honest, maybe you've been foundering lately.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The Excitement of Exploring - #3970
The same old scenery gets boring after a while. It's exciting to explore new ground. That may be exactly what your Lord is trying to get you to do right now - to dare to leave that safe, predictable road you always travel on and follow Him into something new and exciting - and, yes, unknown and unpredictable.