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Human Kindling - #6662
Maybe we should pray, "Dear Lord, I want to be water, and not wood on the fires around me."


Stiff-necked people - a Christian perspective
"Stiff-necked" is an adjective used to describe the Israelites during their journey from Egypt to Canaan. It refers to their stubborn persistence in disobeying God and turning their backs on His proven love for them.


Face of God - a Christian perspective
God promises never to hide His face--that is, reject--those who come to Him in true repentance. He urges His wayward children to return to Him and stop stubbornly acting on their own desires.


Rebellion - a Christian perspective
Rebellion is compared to the sin of witchcraft. Both involve defying one's rightful ruler and giving our devotion to other powers, be they physical or spiritual.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Stubborn Heifers - #5606
A farmer has to put cumbersome yokes and sometimes painful constraints on a stubborn one. And that may explain why life has been so difficult for you, why there's been so much grief. It's unnecessary grief - grief because you simply will not do it God's way. You insist on your way - your outcome - your timetable. In certain areas of your life or your personality, you just have your mind made up how it's going to be and you're determined that not even God is going to make you change or move.