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Today's Devotional: The Absence of Supernatural Guidance
Do you ever wish God would just tell you exactly what He wanted you to do? Few people have had...

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Never Box With a Shadow - #6705
The enemy loves to have us waste our ammunition on each other so we won't get together to fight him. Hello! He's the real enemy.

Enemy Tricks - #6475
That darkness you're experiencing now, oh that's more than earth darkness. It is from an enemy who cannot stand resistance, but who is rendered powerless by the blood of Jesus Christ. So, make sure that you're fighting the right enemy and you're using the right weapons.

Are Signs and Wonders for today? - Into Thy Word Ministries
Signs and wonders refers to the miracles produced by the Holy Spirit, such as through the Apostles, especially Paul, as a testimony to God's power and glory. We can see them portrayed in many places in Scripture...

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Telling isn't Trusting - #5594
It doesn't do any good if I just tell my mechanic about the problems my car has. I have to leave it in his hands and drive away in another car. I do leave it there. I trust him. Maybe you're looking at a problem or need that really could use the touch of God right now. You say, "Well, I've prayed about it." You've prayed about it, but have you really left it with Him?

How do you square Jesus' miracles with reality? - Faith Facts
To say miracles are difficult to explain scientifically is one thing, but to say they can't happen is another. This article examines Christ's Resurrection (the greatest miracle) with the same principles acceptable in a court of law. One conclusion: If God exists, then miracles are possible....

Magicians and Ventriloquists
An pro-Christian magician article by Robert H. Hill about magicians and ventriloquists. Discusses: vocabulary, the supernatural and deception.

Good News Now - Who believes in miracles? - Audio
Listen to a discussion by respected Mathematician, John Lennox as he describes the connection between the natural world and the supernatural, and the relationship of Science to the belief in God.