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Heed in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Christians are exhorted to take heed of--that is, pay careful attention to--the instructions that they've received in the New Testament. God is not vague about what He wants to see in our lives: Christlike love and grace, and a servant's heart.


Take heed - a Christian perspective
It's tempting, when we're doing well spiritually, take be proud of ourselves... and perhaps to grow lax. But this verse cautions believers to be careful when they're standing tall to be sure that they don't fall.


Greg Gordon : Ten Great Biblical Deceptions
”Take heed lest any man deceive you!” This is one of the warnings in Scripture that any believer would do well to listen to. Is it possible that you are deceived that are reading this? From the beginning men have been deceived, how ought we to earnestly take heed to ourselves...