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Law of the land - a Christian perspective
The story of Jesus' response to a question about taxes teaches us something about how Christians are to relate to government. Jesus taught that we should pay what we rightfully owe to the government and, by implication, obey the law of the land insofar as it does not require us to disobey God.

Give to caesar - a Christian perspective
Jesus' enemies tried to trap him by asking him the politically-charged question or whether or not people should pay taxes to the Roman caesar. Jesus' response disarmed their attempt to trap him into saying something either unpopular or illegal.

Taxes - a Christian perspective
Jesus' enemies tried to trap him with a trick question about whether or not it was right to pay taxes. Jesus responded with a customarily insightful response that nicely sidestepped their rhetorical ambush.

Caesar - a Christian perspective
Religious leaders, trying to trip up Jesus with a politically touchy question, asked him whether or not taxes should be paid to the Roman Caesar. Jesus' response steered clear of their trap and turned the question on its head.

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