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Evangelism: Penetrating Student Culture (Part 2)
Effective evangelism starts with loving and serving students. In the second part of this series, Barry St. Clair continues to tell us practically how to develop relationships with students and touch their lives where they live.

Evangelism: Penetrating Student Culture (Part 1)
Jesus didn't sit at the synagogue all week waiting for people to come to Him. He went out to the people. He attended wedding parties and visited tax collectors. How can we follow our Master's example by entering the student world? Dr. Barry St. Clair tells you how.

Discipleship Secrets from Standout Youth Groups
What are some of the characteristics of youth groups that actually produce disciples? Learn from two diverse groups that are making it happen.

Leadership Development: Creating a Movement of Multiplication
Dr. Dann Spader lays out a biblical basis for discipleship and leadership development, drawing practical principles from his own study of the life of Christ.

Discipleship: Maturing Students in Christ (Part 2)
Dr. Barry St. Clair establishes our authority for disciple making and lays out a strategy.

Discipleship: Maturing Students in Christ (Part 1)
Our calling is much higher than merely babysitting students to keep them out of trouble. Jesus called us to make disciples. In two parts, Barry St. Clair shows how to train the students who can transform your ministry today and impact the world tomorrow.

Volunteers: Empower Them!
Jana L. Sundene encourages us to minister to our volunteers in order to bring out the best in them.

Leadership Development: Confidence in Christ
Youth Ministry leaders must have assurance of their relationship with Christ, by Dr. Barry St. Clair.

Leadership Crunch
Dr. Barry St. Clair discusses the impact of developing leaders and how to help them build their lives and ministries on the foundation of Jesus.

Volunteers: Finding and Supporting Them (Part 2)
In "Part 2" of this article, Dr. Barry St. Clair lays out qualifications for volunteer youth workers, gives a strategy to train them, and discusses additional issues we face in working with volunteers.