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One Wall That Keeps the Sharks Away - #6553
As each new day begins, open God's Word and you apply it to your struggles, your weaknesses, your failures. I need to rebuild my biblical wall every new day. It's also vital that key verses become a part of you; part of your personality. That means committing to memory verses that directly address your "shark."


How to Prove You're a Man - #6324
If you're a woman, encourage self-control in the men you know. And if you're a man, understand one of the most important muscles you have to develop - the spiritual muscles that give you control over your temper, your passions, your mouth, your impatience. Self-control - that's how you prove you're a man.


Temper - a Christian perspective
While there's a place for righteous anger, the Bible clearly and repeatedly condemns rash and hasty anger--anger that arises out of a quick temper, rather than from a careful and reasoned response to sin. This Proverb praises patience, contrasting it with a quick temper.


"Patient" in the Bible: Proverbs 14:29
In one of many instances in Proverbs where a virtue is contrasted with a vice, patience here is praised, while rash and quick-tempered behavior is condemned.