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The blink test: website visitors assess your website in a split second. Will yours pass?
Human brains are wired up a certain way. You cannot break human cognition rules and still communicate – this applies to a vast variety of situations. That the message is 'spiritual', or otherwise beneficial, makes no difference. Online, everything is subject to the brutal 'blink test' – the lightning fast algorithm our brains apply to a website, magazine article, video short, or anything else, as the infographic explains.


Peace That Stands the Test - #6450
When you make your peace with God, you will have God's peace. The worst can happen, but the best remains. What a rock solid calm you can have at the center of your soul if you'll make the Prince of Peace, your Prince.


Free downloa: Seeker Sensitive Church Web Sites. How to reach outsiders using church sites
This significant 10-page booklet explains the principles of using church websites to reach outsiders. Johnson’s strategy is that a church website ‘intrigue the lost’ and start a relationship-building process to draw people into the fellowship where they will begin to understand the full implications of the gospel.


Book review: Don't Make Me Think! A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability, Steve Krug, New Riders
This is probably the best book available on how to build usability into a website. ‘Usability’ means: enabling visitors to find what they are looking for, and present it to them in an intuitive way they can easily understand. Few websites implement all Steve’s common-sense recommendations, and lose out as a result. He also provides a vital section on how to use other people to test a website.


Testing - a Christian perspective
James tells us to accept trails of all kinds with joy. The testing of our faith, while difficult, helps us develop perseverance.


Try me - a Christian perspective
The psalmist confidently asks God to "try" and "test" him, and to search his heart. He invites God into every corner of his life.


"Test" in the Bible: 1 John 4:1-6
Not everything that claims to speak for God is trustworthy. Followers of Christ must discern carefully any person or source that claims such authority, checking those claims against what Scripture teaches. If a claim doesn't pass this test, we should steer clear.