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Publishing culturally and spiritually relevant literature for Native North Americans.

Into Thy Word

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Today's Devotional: Crushed into Submission to God's Purpose
The following devotional from My Utmost for His Highest explores what it means to be wholly...

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Cardboard testimonies - great way to share good news of Jesus
Cardboard testimonies are a highly visual, often moving, way of briefly sharing the story of God's hand in people's life stories. They are relatively easy to plan and film.

Finding Jesus on the Internet: Kimberley shares her story
The 24/7 always-on searchable Internet is an ideal match for a seeker. Here, Kimberley tells her story of seeking and finding.

Kristi's story - a student finding truth and meaning on the Internet
A student finding truth and meaning on the Internet.

True Woman: Getting to Know Brent Kassian and His Mary
“Like any marriage, it’s not perfect and it’s not a fairy tale, but it sure seems like it’s perfect, and it sure seems like it’s a fairy tale."

True Woman: What Elizabeth Taylor Is Teaching Me About Legacy
The movies, the husbands, the jewels, the magazine cover shoots . . . no one can quite hone in on the source of her fame and the reason why her legacy will last.

True Woman: My True Woman Story
I often told people that I was destined to do great things. I assumed that meant being exceptional at my job, and I secretly suspected that I would soon be filthy rich.

True Woman Blog: Transformed Women: Laura Mathias
Although we usually focus on True Woman events here on the blog, I wanted to go in a different direction today and share with you the story of one woman who is finding healing in her heart and marriage through the True Woman message.

True Woman Blog: We're Here! Meet the Team.
Then there’s Chiree Bollinger. She’s the master storyteller. She’ll sit down with the women and work magic so that within a couple minutes they’ve all but forgotten that bright lights, cameras, and reflectors in their faces are anything but natural . . .

True Woman Blog: Rock-solid women
As the afternoon faded into evening, it quickly became apparent to me that these women have something I don’t: their trust in God is rock-solid. Their faces and lives are illuminated with joy in the middle of difficult—even terrifying—circumstances.

True Woman Blog: The Predictable Unpredictable-ness of a Video Shoot
We were just a few minutes into the interview when it became apparent that we would not be able to continue. Between the neighbors’ outdoor birthday party (think lots of 6- and 7-year-old girls blowing birthday horns) and their Chihuahua’s persistent yapping (who knew such a little dog could make such a racket!), we knew we would not win the war against the noise.