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The Magnet In That Old Hunk of Wood - #5735
Not Christianity, not rituals, not beliefs, not even the great teachings and miracles of Jesus. It was His cross. See, there really is a magnet in that old hunk of wood; a magnet that draws us to the foot of that cross to see how very much He loves us.


The cross - a Christian perspective
The cross of Jesus Christ lies at the heart of everything a Christian does. When we feel overwhelmed, we are to focus our attention on the person of Christ, remembering his sacrifice on the cross.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - When There's Nothing Left to Hold - #4805
It's a fact of life. We will ultimately lose whatever or whoever we've been hanging onto except for the love of Jesus Christ, poured out on that cross. It's not just a cross. It is the only anchor that will be there when there's nothing else to hold onto.