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The gospel in the Bible - a Christian perspective
What is the Gospel? Paul reminds us here of the basic truth of the Gospel: that Jesus died for our sins in fulfillment of God's plan through the ages.

George Whitefield : Christ the only Preservative
The doctrines of the gospel are doctrines of peace, and they bring comfort to all who believe in them; they are not like the law given by Moses, which consisted of troublesome and painful ceremonies; neither do they carry with them that terror which the law did; as, "cursed is every one...

The Gospel -sproul
There is no greater message to be heard than that which we call the Gospel. But as important as that is, it is often given to massive distortions or over simplifications.

el evangelio
A video that presents a summary of the Gospel message in Spanish.

the Gospel of Jesus Christ - Good News for humankind
A short video that shares the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Meeting God Changes Your Life
Maybe you've heard people talk about how Jesus changed their lives. He wants to bring about these same types of changes in your life. Trusting God makes a lot of things possible that were impossible before you met Him--like having your sins forgiven and receiving the gift of eternal life.

Heaven, How Do I Get There?
How do I get to heaven? In this booklet, you’ll find out about the problem keeping us from heaven in the first place. But most importantly, you’ll find out about everything God has done to overcome that problem and allow you a place in heaven for eternity.

How to Be a Christian Without Being Religious
How to be a Christ-follower without the trappings and hypocrisy of "religion."

Love's Most Amazing Story
The one love story that tops them all.