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Your Money and Your Life: Discipleship Journal®
Your Money and Your Life. MONEY—WE LOVE IT...WE HATE IT! It makes our lives easier. It complicates them. It allows us to spread the gospel. It distracts us from truly following Christ. No wonder we struggle with money's place in our lives!

Following God in Tough Times: Discipleship Journal®
Following God in Tough Times. DO YOU FEEL IMPRISONED BY LIFE'S CIRCUMSTANCES? Where is God when life gets difficult? Learn the keys to accepting and gaining perspective on tough times.

Philippians: The Navigators - A Life-Changing Encounter with God's Word.
Philippians - Paul's invitation to joy and contentment in Christ is still relevant. Learn the how-to in this practical study. Paul aims to inspire his readers to persevere in the work of Christ, and he tells them how to find peace and contentment in a perilous world.

Living the Letters: Philippians: The Navigators
Living the Letters: Philippians. Explore the rich wisdom of Philippians on topics such as friends, prayer, and celebration.

The God Who Smokes: Timothy J. Stoner
The God Who Smokes Scandalous Meditations on Faith

History : The Navigators
The history and heroes of the Christian Church.

Is good sex within marriage possible?
Lauren Winner talks about sex, marriage, and Christianity.

Hot, steamy Christian sex
Are Christians too uptight about sex?

Think Christian: Blogging about the intersection of faith and culture.
A blog about Christian Culture