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The Double Agent In Your Life - #6669
You have to decide whose agent your thorn will be. It's a powerful messenger. Don't let it work for the Devil - the destroyer. Listen for God's message in the thorn, and be sure you're letting Agent Thorn work for the winning side.


Three times - a Christian perspective
Paul says that a thorn was put in his flesh in order to keep him humble. In this passage he said that he asked God three times to remove it from him, but God replied that his grace was sufficient for Paul. Paul would just have to trust that God would make him strong in his weakness.


Keeping the Weight Off - #2720
Jesus gloriously liberated you from the sinful weight of that ugly old way of living, that old way of thinking, of meeting your needs, of treating people. But it was painful getting that weight off, wasn't it? You can't afford to let it start coming back. Say no now to the first signs of that burden returning!


Thorn - a Christian perspective
The apostle Paul was plagued by a "thorn"--a problem, obstacle, or hindrance that is not specified but which clearly caused him great anguish. God didn't remove this thorn at Paul's request, and Paul came to view its persistence as a way of keeping him humble.