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Today's Devotional: Paranoia
Have you ever gotten worked up about a situation only to learn that you had the facts wrong?...

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Fighting it Early - #6694
General Douglas MacArthur said, "The history of failure in war can be summed up in two words - too late. Too late in comprehending the deadly purpose of a potential enemy." Now, think about this in terms of sinful thoughts: Too late in realizing the mortal danger, too late in preparedness, too late in uniting all possible forces to resist it.

The Royal Switch - #6265
You have to put the Bible where the dirt has been. You take a Bible bath daily. You dwell on what you read. You write it down in a journal so you remember it. You use it that day so it becomes part of your personality. There's no substitute for memorizing the Word of God.

Mysterious ways - a Christian perspective
The adage that God moves in mysterious ways may be based on this passage, which describes God's thoughts and actions as beyond the understanding of the human mind.

The Inescapable Camera - #2844
If God's all-knowing picture of your sin is there when you die, there is no way He can let you into His heaven. But that picture can be destroyed today - if you reach out to Jesus trust Him to be your Savior. To think that Jesus absorbed all the guilt and all the hell of all those sins when He died on the cross - that is overwhelming love. He waits right now to pour out that love on you.

"Search" in the Bible: Psalm 139:23
Who knows us better than we know ourselves? Our creator--and in this psalm, the writer invites God to examine his heart and mind, identify his true needs and anxieties, and provide help.

Thoughts in the Bible: Isaiah 55:7-9
It isn't just in his physical power that God is far above us. The very ways that God thinks and reasons are superior to anything our minds can grasp. In this passage, we get a glimpse of why this is such a good thing for us: because God is willing to forgive and restore the wicked to an extent that seems crazy from a limited human perspective.

Philippians: The Navigators - A Life-Changing Encounter with God's Word.
Philippians - Paul's invitation to joy and contentment in Christ is still relevant. Learn the how-to in this practical study. Paul aims to inspire his readers to persevere in the work of Christ, and he tells them how to find peace and contentment in a perilous world.