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The Nip Factor - #6960
you will experience Christ's love and Christ's power on a new level as He overrules your tendency to snarl or to bite. The people around you don't need a wound from you, they need supernatural love.


Stuck in the On Position - #6388
Life really becomes an adventure when you open up your day to God's sovereign matching of you with people. You pray, "Lord, use my everyday activities to put me in the path of someone who needs me and who needs You."


True Woman Blog: HALT!
I wish I had known this principle as a teen, and especially as a young bride. Practicing it would’ve saved me from countless conflicts, I’m sure.


Tired - a Christian perspective
Even the strongest person becomes tired and weary at some point--and whenever you hit that point of physical and spiritual exhaustion, God waits to refresh and strengthen you.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Defying the Vultures - #4435
You may be in a situation where you're pretty battered right now - physically, emotionally, spiritually, maybe financially, romantically. You're tired, depleted, maybe it looks like you're without hope, sort of like you're dead. Maybe you've even got some vultures circling you, telling you it's over. It's time to defy the vultures!


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Too Tired To Drive - #4142
For some of us, that is the only way we will ever give up the wheel - to God, that is. If we're just too whipped, too beat up, too tired to drive. And we were never meant to control the direction of what's going on in our life. But we try, and we give God a major fight over the wheel; especially in areas of our life that really matter to us where we want control. Maybe that's why the pain is so great right now, the frustration so unrelenting, the load so overwhelming.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Right Words, Wrong Heart - #3811
It doesn't take long to learn the right church answers, does it? I mean even a four-year-old boy can do it! And many of us who've been around a lot longer as well. The danger is that you can really fool yourself spiritually, just because you know all the right words, and go to all the right meetings, and do all the right things. Tragically, a full Christian vocabulary can mask a dangerously empty heart.