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The Day After the "Votequake" - #6738
In this election season when we'll be hearing a lot of people being defined by their label, I want to see what God sees, don't you? Saved and Lost. I want to love those people like He does, because it breaks His heart. It should break my heart to see them lost.


Close Enough to Save Them - #2719
God has assigned you to a neighborhood, a workplace, a school, a social circle - to put you in a position to represent Jesus there. Yes, with your life - but also with your words. People won't figure out that Jesus took their place on the cross just by watching your life. You have to tell them that!


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - The List Your Name is On - #5086
The Bible says that believing in God's Son, Jesus, can literally change which list we're on. When the Bible says "believe," the word is about total trust, complete reliance. And only total trust in Jesus can rescue us from our spiritual death penalty, because only Jesus could and only Jesus did die in our place.