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What "sacred cows" has your church or ministry decided to give up?
Has your church or ministry ever had to make the difficult decision to give up a "sacred cow"?...

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Our Favorite Family Christmas Traditions
One of my favorite times of year is Christmas. There is so much joy and beauty to take in, not to mention all the fun things to do together. We have a lot of family traditions during the month of December. Traditions help us bond as a family and give the children something to look forward […]

Tradition - a Christian perspective
The early church is exhorted to keep faithful to the teachings and traditions handed to them both in person by the apostles, and through letters.

LWP - Are Rites of Passage Out of Step? A Kenyan Christian Perspective
Rites of passage, designed to suit the times and context, provide opportunities for the local church to capture vibrant Christian community.