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Teaching IT, computer use, and Web skills, can be an entry point for Christian evangelism
Teaching English has long been a major point of contact and 'way in' for missionaries in many countries. In Japan, for instance, a majority of Christians first came into contact with the Gospel via English lessons. (It is now possible to teach English online as a form of sensitive outreach.) Around the world, there is now a big hunger by people who want to learn how to use computers and gain IT and Web skills – a genuine practical felt need. They see it as a major part of their education and a means of employment advancement. There is thus a big doorway open for local churches and mission agencies to teach these skills.


Impact Eternity: self-study and group-study mission challenge course
A self-study and group-study course from a partnership of major mission groups. See the challenge of the needs of the world, and your place in it. Other groups offer similar material: there is a distance learning missions course Kingdom Expansion 101, and for face-to-face courses on world mission, see the Kairos and Perspectives courses. Check our training page for other online courses on evangelism, ministry and communication.


"Train up a child" in the BIble: Proverbs 22:6
It's widely understood that your upbringing, whether it was kind or cruel, has a major influence on your attitudes and behaviors even once you've entered adulthood. Here the Bible confirms this, and exhorts parents to raise their kids in a godly manner so that they'll continue along that path as they grow.


"Train" in the Bible: 1 Timothy 4:7
When we become Christians, we don't instantly start living a perfect life. Living righteously is something that requires hard work and prayer over time--and so we are exhorted here to "train" ourselves to live godly lives.


"Train" in the Bible: Proverbs 22:6
Proverbs tells us that if we train up a child one way, he will not turn from it when he gets older. The habits we instill in our children at a young age will continue on for the rest of their lives.


LWP - For the Race Set before Us: Training and the Church
The author discusses the importance of training Christians to be authentic followers of Jesus as a pathway for the Church to accomplish its mission in the world.