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Lausanne World Pulse - Asia Theological Association
A look inside the ATA and the 2007 General Assembly.

Lausanne World Pulse - Training for Mission: A Case Study at Redcliffe C
One couple shares their experience with studying missions at Redcliffe College, Centre for Mission Training in Gloucester, United Kingdom.

Lausanne World Pulse - P.L.A.N.T.S.: Equipping College Students for Church Planting.
When it comes to teaching church multiplication, effective training programs should be designed around P.L.A.N.T.S.

Lausanne World Pulse - Overview of Missionary Training Resources
How can we do training that ensures the development of effective cross-cultural servants of God?

Lausanne World Pulse - Education and Training for Missions and Evangelism
Training for missions and evangelism should be held in careful balance in the following three areas: character, knowledge and skills.

Face to Face International :: Your Mission Trip Specialists
The Team Leader Training (TLT) workshops are a new style of training, consisting of interactive instruction with smaller, more personal groups that tackles issues surrounding short-term ministry geared specifically for team leaders.

Training your Leaders and Congregation - Into Thy Word Ministries
Training is not just another word for discipleship. Discipleship places the emphases on our spiritual growth, learning the Word and the disciplines and doctrines of the faith, which is paramount for all Christians. Training is the growth and learning in the area of a task that needs to...

Teaching: Planning Long-Range by Determining Your Main Areas of Impact
This plan gives you a way to organize your teaching and training by dividing everything you want to instill in your students into seven Growth Zones. A great strategy to help you develop a long-range plan and make everything you do have a purpose.

Leadership: Developing Students as Leaders
This guy staffs his camp with student leaders from middle school.

Training Student Leadership: Professional Youth Ministry Report (Part 6)
Student Leadership: How to evaluate your ministry's effectiveness in building student leadership.