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A redemptive Christmas spider story from Germany and Ukraine
Out in a small town the other day, I stumbled upon a one-day Christmas market, and some hand-crafted glass jewelry caught my eye. Or, more specifically, beautiful hand-made spiders about 3 inches/8cms high, sitting over the other jewelry on display.


Tree in the Bible: Psalm 1:1-3
The godly man is compared here to a tree planted near streams of water. He is spiritually nourished by his constant exposure to God's word, and as a result his life is successful and bears much fruit.


Tree and fruit - a Christian perspective
A common theme in the Bible is the idea that people can be recognized by the things they do. While it's impossible to know somebody else's heart, we do know that an evil heart is unable to produce good and loving works, just as a bad tree can't produce good fruit.


Fresh - a Christian perspective
God's followers are like trees planted at a river's edge: they remain green and healthy throughout their lives, producing good fruit.


Palm tree - a Christian perspective
Followers of God are often referred to as plants or trees that thrive. When we are fed regularly by God's spirit and love, we grow in the faith and plant new seeds of faith in the hearts of others.