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Tribulation in the Bible: Revelation 2:10
Christians are not promised an easy life--far from it. The Bible specifically warns that Christ-followers will experience suffering. Our consolation comes in the knowledge that the battle against sin has already been won, and that Jesus will return one day.

"Overcome" in the Bible: John 16:33
While we often describe the Christian life as being involved in a spiritual battle, it's not like any other "war" ever fought. God's "war" on sin and death has already been won! God has already overcome sin, and so there is no reason for Christ-followers to hesitate or lose heart.

Greg Gordon : Tribulation Coming To America?
As Christians we are not free from tribulation and persecution. The Scripture says: “Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.” There is a teaching and way of living in modern American Christianity that says: “I will not suffer.” Suffering in some...

C.H. Spurgeon : "Be of Good Cheer"
In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. (John 16:33) My Lord's words are true as to the tribulation. I have my share of it beyond all doubt. The flail is not hung up out of the way, nor can I hope that it...I lie upon the th

A.W. Pink : Bearing the Rod
As we turn to the Holy Scriptures for light upon this subject of Trouble, Suffering, Affliction, Tribulation, Persecution etc., we discover two distinct and different lines of Truth thereon, running all trough the Word. On the one hand we read that, “We must through much tribulation...

Peace be unto You, Art Katz
A message from John 20: 19-31 for a fearful and unbelieving Christianity that does not understand the phenomenon of resurrection. Appropriate for all those who are going to experience terrifying things in the Last Days.

Matthew 24: 29- 51 - Into Thy Word Ministries
The coming of the Son of Man! A spectacular glimpse to things that will come! Jesus is explaining here, symbolically, the events of the coming Tribulation (Matt. 24:29-35), and then, in the following chapters, gives us some illustrations, using parables, to help us understand these...