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Same in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Humans change from week to week and year to year, but there's one person we can rely on to never change: Jesus. His love for us and his character are as strong now as they ever were, and will never change or fade away.


Unchanging - a Christian perspective
When men makes oaths, they are appealing to something greater than themselves. Since God is the only unchanging being in the Universe, when he wanted to make his purpose clear, he made an oath on himself.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Realizing What Time It Is - #4039
Now, that's a comedian - not a theologian - observing how closely current events seem to be following the Bible's description of this world's climactic events. But these days a lot of people are suddenly thinking about things like a future that's beyond our control and an eternity that's one heartbeat away. There's this sense - both cosmically and personally - that our time may be shorter than we thought.