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"Unclean" in the Bible: Acts 11:1-18
Throughout most of the Bible, those who fell outside of God's covenant with Israel were regarded as spiritually unclean and impure. But in this important New Testament passage, God clearly states that his Gospel is for people of all races and nationalities, not just for one specific nation.


Purification - a Christian perspective
The rules for ritual purification for the Israelites were lengthy and complicated. When Jesus came and died he provided a once and for all purification for us. We are all counted clean in God's eyes because of the sacrifice of Jesus.


Defiled - a Christian perspective
What makes a person spiritually "unclean" or "defiled"? Not any physical environment. Rather, it is our own evil words and actions that defile us.


Bible Concordance :: Unclean
A person or thing that did not meet certain conditions. Something unclean could not be part of religious services. God set the conditions for people and things to be included in worshiping him. People who were unclean could be cleansed. Then they could worship again.