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Upper room - a Christian perspective
Jesus sent a few of his apostles ahead of him into the city to find an upper room in which they could celebrate Passover. That Passover meal in the upper room was Jesus' last supper.

Greg Gordon : The Prayer Meeting Is Dead!
As we look to the biblical account of the book of Acts we see the striking theme of prayer throughout its testimony. We see in it apostolic prayer that depends on God that is desperate before God. The Church was founded in prayer, it began at a prayer meeting in the upper room in Jerusalem...

Matthew 26: 47- 75 - Into Thy Word Ministries
Arrest and Betrayal. This passage continues the theme of missed opportunities. Jesus takes His Disciples from the Upper Room into the garden a short walk away, where He prays passionately to the Father for the empowerment and enablement to continue His mission with success. He knew...