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Scavengers No More: Looking at Homelessness in Metro Manila
The author shares how investing in one homeless family in Manila impacted her entire worldview of those who are homeless.


LWP- Many Faces of Poverty in China
Four faces of poverty in China--and hope on the horizon.


LWP-Global Sporting Events and the Urban Poor
An introduction to those living in poverty in China and the impact of the Olympic Games on their lives.


LWP - University Student Mission with Slum Communities: Reflections After-the-Fact
The author reflects on how one trip to the garbage village in Cairo transformed lives, including his own


LWP - Introduction to Short-term Student Ministries with Slum Communities
This month, thousands of university students from the Global North will move into urban slum communities in the Global South to live alongside the poor.


Lausanne World Pulse - Introduction: Ministry with the Urban Poor in Nordic Climates
In Nordic cultures all over the Northern Hemisphere there are urban poor living in substandard situations facing harsh climatic conditions.