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The worldwide mission challenge of cities: GMI infographic
Here's the latest 'missiographic' from GMI, looking at worldwide urbanization trends. Wherever they are, digital will increasingly be one means to connect, especially mobile.

Lausanne World Pulse - Exegesis of a City
Understanding the Church's place in a city, town or city/region requires research and wisdom.

Lausanne World Pulse - Simple Spirituality The Spirit of Francis: A Prophetic sign of hope
A look at the life of Francis of Assisi, the saint who invested in the lives of the poor.

Lausanne World Pulse - The Echo of a Saint: Signs of Hope in a Slum Community
In a little, broken-down, poor excuse of a church building at the bottom of the Kroo Bay slum in Sierra Leone is the Church. It is where God is.

Lausanne World Pulse - A Different Form of Mission with Slums: Reflection
Reflections of a Change Agent in Bhopal, India: An effective mission strategy for transforming slums targets three primary levels where change takes place: the slum dwellers, institutional officials and government policymakers.

Lausanne World Pulse - Kolkata, India: An Overview
Less than one-tenth of one percent of Kolkatans are evangelical Christians.

What Juno Didn't Tell You
Though my feet have never seen the stirrups of a delivery room, nor has ultrasound jelly touched my belly, I’ve experienced over 168 months of pregnancy during the past 22 years as an urban youth leader.

Urban Short Term Mission Trips with the Center for Student Missions
CSM has a very clear mission: to provide students and adults with an effective urban ministry experience that transforms lives, influences local churches and honors Christ.

CSM High School Internship
CSM has a special opportunity during summer for a select group of high school students. Are you one of them? This two-week intensive internship is designed for individual students, ages 16 and older.

CSM Seasonal Positions
If you like youth ministry and urban ministry, then the CSM city host position may be for you! A city host helps to "bridge the gap" between suburban/rural people and city people.