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Status of Christian faith around the world, in Urbana video
Challenging short video explaining the current status of faith and evangelism around the world.


LWP - An Overview of Issues Affecting Evangelization in the United States
Major changes taking place in North America are affecting how Christians are engaging with those who do not believe and how they are perceiving the mandate to make disciples of all nations.


Lausanne World Pulse - Urbana and Short-term Missions
Urbana's impact through short-term missions


Lausanne World Pulse - A New Gateway to World Missions at Urbana 06
Nearly twenty-five thousand participants are expected to attend the Urbana 06 conference 27-31 December 2006.


Lausanne World Pulse - InterVarsity Makes AIDS a Priority Issue for Urbana 06
The United Nations reports that nearly forty million people in the world are infected with HIV/AIDS. In some countries in southern Africa, one third of the population is infected.