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Charlie Brown Valentines
In those moments when I wondered if the love of my life would be here tomorrow, I had an anchor. From someone who has promised me, "I will never leave you or forsake you." Someone who has never broken a promise. Someone who backed up His promise with His life.


The Art of Staying in Love
What is more exciting and exhilarating than falling in love? Is there anything? But if finding love and affection is one of our greatest personal needs, why is it that so few seem to stay in love?


You Matter to Your Spouse
As you continue on this journey called marriage, you still matter to your spouse.  When you hurt, he or she hurts.  When someone attacks you, he or she is also attacked.


Is good sex within marriage possible?
Lauren Winner talks about sex, marriage, and Christianity.


Hot, steamy Christian sex
Are Christians too uptight about sex?


Book Review: "The Naked Truth about Sex, Love, and Relationships"

What should you look for in a spouse?
What are the top qualities you look for in a spouse? What about the qualities you have to give to someone? What are the greatest needs of men and women anyway? Check out this Bible study to investigate the answers to these other questions.


ReverendFun.com : Valentine's Day cartoons
Valentine-themed cartoons from Reverend Fun.


Ten Ways to Improve Relational Skills
Ten easy steps you can take to improve your relationships. It's easier than you might think!


What do I do with Love? - Into Thy Word Ministries
What will you do with Love? Learn about real love--what it looks like, and how it fits into the Christian life.