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InterVarsity Press Videos
InterVarsity Press continues to create video companions with a lot of their authors. They include insights to the author's process, their inspiration for their writing. These videos are a must watch if you want the full story straight from the author.


Lack of emphasis on evangelism outreach in the church: the 99 Percent Problem
It’s almost like there's a rule: 99% to us, 1% for them. We can see it reflected in Christian bookshops, where a search of the book titles and videos will reveal that the vast majority of material is produced entirely for Christians, in terms of language, content and underlying assumptions. Just how many books and videos are truly evangelistic and accessible to unchurched people who do not know the language and the concepts?


Historic Billy Graham Videos
A fascinating collection of videos from Billy Graham's early ministry. Whether you’re a fan of his ministry or not, these videos are an extremely interesting relic of Evangelicalism.


Setting Captives Free - Sermon Videos
A collection of sermon videos from Setting Captives Free.