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Julian of Norwich (ca 1342-ca 1416) : Christian History Institute
The 31st in Christian History Institute's "In Context" series examines a statement by the Medieval visionary Julian of Norwich from one of her showings or visions.


Visions in the Bible - a Christian perspective
Paul speaks of visions and revelations he has had in 2 Corinthians. He says that he knows of a man who was taken into the third heaven and saw things that he's not allowed to talk about. Paul says that he will boast about that man, but not himself.


11: Constantine (ca. 280-337) : Christian History Institute
Christian History Institute provides the story behind Constantine's vision and one of the most famous quotations in church history. This is the eleventh of the In Context series.


Lausanne World Pulse - More Than Dreams: Muslims Coming to Christ through Dreams & Visions
Muslims around the world are having dreams and visions of the risen Christ. These are being documented and shared with others.