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True Woman Blog: A Book on the Beach . . .
. . . That’s just one of the many reasons it gives me great pleasure to announce the just-released book, Voices of the True Woman Movement. Pull up a chair (or sit down on the corner of my beach towel), and let’s turn the never-before-opened cover and take a glance inside.


True Woman Blog: Jessie's take on Nancy's "best book ever!"
Nancy’s personal assistant and I chat about Nancy's “best book ever!”


True Woman Blog: Holly on “Voices”: What is God DOING?!
If you are breathing, at some point there will be a moment in your life when you have absolutely NO idea what the Lord is doing, why He doesn’t seem to be following your life plan, and whether or not He is worthy of your trust.


True Woman Blog: Laura on "Voices": I can be useful to Him?!
"That I could be useful to God in my circle of influence was beyond my comprehension . . ."


True Woman Blog: Karen on "Voices": Weathering Storms of Loneliness and Life
". . . Her departure ushered in a season of loneliness that I hadn’t experienced since my college years. My stomach still tightens when I remember those early years at Kansas University."


True Woman Blog: Mary Ann on "Voices": Whimpering to Jesus
"Recently I had my fourth kidney stone. Have you ever had one? The pain is unrelenting, consuming, and unresponsive to any 'over-the-counter' pain meds. It's a paralyzing, helpless, hopeless kind of feeling. My initial response to the pain was to focus inwardly and whimper to Jesus for relief."


True Woman Blog: Carrie on "Voices": Why is prayer so hard?
If we’re honest, prayer is a struggle at times.


True Woman Blog: Kim on “Voices”: A Call to the Counter-Revolution
“We are called to fight the powers of darkness in the name, the power, and the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ, joining with God in a great rescue operation for the sake of His great Kingdom."


True Woman Blog: Are you a fellow blogger?
Do you have a blog? A cooking blog, a travel blog, even a family blog? If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you!