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Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Superman is Breakable
Half of the human race has been raised to believe that they need to be Superman. The world thinks guys have it together, we feel no pain, and we've got it under control. As a man, you know there's a "real you" behind the mask. ... You're a wounded warrior, bleeding a lot on the inside, or maybe a scared little boy inside underneath a mask of macho confidence. The truth is you don't have it all under control. Superman, in reality, is breakable.


Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Supporting the Weak Spot - #4148
After forty days of not eating, I mean it's obvious that Jesus' weak spot was His need for food. And where does the devil aim his temptation? Well, of course, at Jesus' need for food! Notice Jesus' response ... a scripture verse that directly addresses the point where He was vulnerable.